A Vintage California Masi Ride–

Hard to believe that there could be enough Masi owners to form a local ride in Southern California, but it's true! Many thanks to Matt who organized everything and even fed us!

Inpromptu shrine set up in garage in Falerio Masi's honor (nice touch, Matt).

Here's Duane with the "earliest known" 1973 California Masi.

Duane's Masi again. Notice lug work here on seat tube- a little different and not quite so well worked or filed as
on later models.

Aaron, Jan, Chuck & Matt, the Cinzano jersey mafia. I'd keep an eye on these guys if I were you.

Brian Baylis shows off project Confente frame and tells us about the finer points of Mario Confentes work.

Stopping for a breather at mile 36 on the way back in Huntington Beach. The ride went from Long Beach to Balboa and back mostly on the Coast Highway. I think we had about 11 Masi owners and their bikes. In all, a vigorous 40 miles that had me pretty beat. But, after a few glasses of chianti and some pizza, my health was restored.


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