La bicicletta dei grandi campioni, Masi Milano, a visit to the Vigorelli in Milano, the historic home of Masi where Alberto Masi works today.

Masi stories (and more) to amuse and amaze you–
Faliero Masi, the Torelli interview from 2000
Animal Encounter by Dennis Young, think twice about riding the backroads of Japan! No Masi content, but entertaining just the same.
OK, not a Masi story, but If you'd like to read an neat cycling story, try this one from Kevin Weitzel, Two Old Italians.
The Incredible Vintage Masi Ride
Local Southern California vintage Masi owners get together for a brisk 40 mile coastal ride and talk about all things Masi.

Masi brochure from the mid '70's

Masi Article to read (772 KB)

The Virtual Masi Museum-
If you have some Masi photos, please consider adding them to the site.

New- Michael Allison's incredible 1963 Masi Special

The Masi 3V Gallery of cool

Masi bikes seen by Matteo Brandi

The NOS Masi

Rick Beatty's Masi Special

Kevin Kruger's Masi Gran Criterium

and Kevin's 1975 Masi Gran Criterium

Tom Flowers' Masi Gran Criterium

John Price's Masi Special

Tom Sanders' Masi Gran Criterium

Ken Drescher's 1975 Masi Gran Criterium

John Barron's Brand New Masi!

1 | 2      Duane Kennard's 1976 California Masi - 0383 and here is the oldest known California Masi to exist, serial number 1S19, also begonging to Duane, located in Los Angeles, California, reputed to be number 19 of the first 25 frames build in 1973!

Richard Sachs' photos of a 1964 Masi Special that stopped by his shop, in very original condition!

By popular demand- Other Fun Italian Bikes

The ultra rare, and highly coveted Confente!

Ken Drescher's 1983 COICC!

Other old Italian bike stuff coming soon.

Other Fun Links

Vélo-Rétro - Chuck Schmit's Velo-Retro is a fantastic resource, great for old catalog reprints, t-shirts, other nifty vintage things and Chuck Schmit's swell Campagnolo Timeline page. Also, read about the Velo Rendezvous Event in October, 2003, THE Vintage Bike Event for the westcoast is a must see! Hopefully a new is being planned for 2004.

Bob Hovey's Masi Site, some really neat stuff here!

Masi at Cycles De Oro

Masi value guesstimation guide by Sheldon Brown

Campy Only!

The Flying Scot web site- way too cool- it's like a, a Scottish Masi, sort of, except older. Check out those fluted seat stays!




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