Dear Greg,

Reading your page about the restoration of your Masi, I wonder if you'd consider adding my comment to it, or perhaps modifying it a bit.

Thanks for writing up your experience in restoring your Masi, I'm glad you found the experience to be rewarding.

May I point out a few things regarding your report. First, your readers should be aware that your frame was very poor condition and therefore need much more work than is required for most refinishes. In this case, there was $290 worth of such services. In addition, you opted for our best, Category 1 refinish, which is $65 more that the Category 2. Cat 2 is more like the original finish. Therefore a Masi frame with normal finish damage would have cost only $539.65.

We do require a 50% deposit to begin work, and sometimes will run the entire amount, with permission, if a credit card is used, but in no case to we ever require full payment in advance!

Our usual delivery time is 3 to 8 weeks. This job took longer because it involved much extra work and we sometimes get over booked in the rechrome shop.

We rarely adjust our estimates, but we do a have policy of allowing not more than 10% increase to cover hidden flaws, so we can address them at once and not have to stop in the middle of painting to get approval for extra work under this limit. An estimate is an estimate after all.

The paint was a little thicker than original because the entire frame was badly rust pitted, which the black color would have emphasized had we not sanded and filled it with an extra layer.

I thought only missed cutout was the "M" in the shell, which was not always done during the era of this bikes production. if we missed another, I'm very sorry.

Thanks for opportunity to clarify these things.

Jim Cunningham
Vista, CA