1963 Masi Special
Michael Allison purchased (and still owns) this bike from Faliero in 1963.
Many thanks to Michael for his excellent photos!

Michael included "The complete bike weighs 23 lbs 4 oz. The seat tube is 56 cm c-t, top tube is 56 c-c, wheel base is a pleasant 105 cm, seat tube setback (relative to the BB) is 16 cm. The frame, made with straight gauge Reynolds 531, does not transmit road buzz and smoothes out rough roads. That's the true master's craft."


BBchainstay.jpg (79kb) UniversalQR.jpg (59kb) Universal.jpg (85kb) TTTstem2.jpg (70kb) TTTstem1.jpg (65kb)
TTTstem.jpg (73kb) ToeClip.jpg (54kb) ShiftLever.jpg (63kb) SeatTubeStay.jpg (69kb) SeatTubeLug.jpg (66kb)
SeatTubeBand.jpg (57kb) SeatTube2.jpg (63kb) SeatTube.jpg (179kb) SeatLug.jpg (54kb) RearHub.jpg (89kb)
RearDropout .jpg (90kb) RDstop.jpg (58kb) RDpulley.jpg (71kb) RD.jpg (84kb) MasiSpecial.jpg (114kb)
MasiDecal.jpg (71kb) MasiBadge.jpg (66kb) HeadUpper.jpg (57kb) HeadUnder.jpg (43kb) HeadTubeFull.jpg (108kb)
HeadtubeBadge.jpg (100kb) HeadLug.jpg (47kb) HeadLower.jpg (61kb) Head.jpg (76kb) Gear.jpg (63kb)
ForkDropout.jpg (47kb) Forkblade.jpg (53kb) Fork.jpg (73kb) Fiamme.jpg (74kb) FD4.jpg (92kb)
FD3.jpg (100kb) FD2.jpg (93kb) FD.jpg (82kb) Downtube.jpg (90kb) Decal.jpg (70kb)
Cranks.jpg (131kb) Clement.jpg (78kb) ChainstayUnderside.jpg (59kb) ChainstayFlut.jpg (112kb) Chainstay.jpg (57kb)
Campypedal.jpg (75kb) BrakeBridge.jpg (65kb) BBunderside.jpg (68kb)